SlideSense bots automate PowerPoint slides

Connect to your Datorama / Tableau data directly

Media Solutions


Media Analysis of Categories

Track Categories against Media Spends and Value generated. This template helps with the analysis.

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Campaign Pacing

Accurate, up to date pacing is the key to ensuring every campaign’s budget and delivery goals are met every time. This bot helps in tracking of Campaigns related key data.

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Social Listening Insights

Helping clients understand their audiences brand perceptions, motivations and topics of interest adds valuable context to campaigns. This bot helps in tracking key KPIs against Social data.

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How can SlideSense help?

If you have already built data templates or if you are integrated with datorama, SlideSense can easily transform data into custom PowerPoint reports

Why is this useful?

With ready connectors to your data, you can leverage on various media related templates build reports quickly. The slides generated by SlideSense are editable slides with native charts.